Homeowners heavily rely on their air conditioning system to cool their home. Tuning up your air conditioning system is necessary to ensure your comfort all summer long. It should be added to your regular home maintenance tasks.

Tuning up the air conditioner is like tuning up your car. It will have to be inspected, cleaned, and adjusted by a technician. Be sure that you do this task periodically for best results. Here’s a quick overview of an air conditioning system tune-up:

1. Electrical component inspection

Air conditioning systems are composed of thousands of moving parts and electrical components. If you hire an air conditioner repair technician to get it inspected, then he will check its voltage, connections, lubrication, and faulty parts as needed.

2. Air conditioner cleaning

Cleaning certain parts of your air conditioner is necessary to make sure that they’re working optimally. The parts that are cleaned are the outdoor and indoor condenser coils and evaporators. Technicians have the necessary to tools and equipment to get this task done right.

3. Thermostat check

Checking the thermostat of your air conditioning system is yet another important task that a technician does. The thermostats control the functions of your air conditioning system. If the thermostat is not functioning correctly, then your AC unit won’t work at all.

4. Refrigerant level adjustment

The refrigerant of air conditioners is responsible for keeping the air emitted out of the system cold. The refrigerant gets depleted over time. The technician would have to check whether the refrigerant of your air conditioning system is still within acceptable levels.

5. Condensate drain inspection

Checking the condensate drain is also an important task that air conditioning repair technicians carry out. To ensure that it is done right, it is highly advised that you hire the experts in air conditioner repair Rochester Hills MI. These professionals are the people who are likely to produce the best possible results.

6. Air filter change

The air filters of an air conditioning system should be changed accordingly to improve indoor air quality. Ideally, filters should be changed every three months or so. The technicians would know what kind of filter your air conditioning system uses and would change it as necessary.

Why Is Air Conditioner Tune-Up Important?

An air conditioner tune-up ensures that your system works efficiently and effectively all year long. It will ensure that your family will be warm and comfortable during the hot summer days. If an air conditioner is tuned up properly, then it will work optimally and not extra hard. Air conditioners that are working extra hard tend to have a shorter lifespan.

Air conditioner tune-up is essential because it extends the life of your cooling system, which incidentally is among the priciest systems in your home. If your AC is maintained well, it can last for 15 years. Otherwise, its lifespan is only seven years. Air conditioning tune-ups also allows technicians to check for problems in the system, such as dirty coils and loose connections. These simple issues will eventually become big problems if not fixed immediately.