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How to Prevent AC Coils From Getting Dirty

Knowing how to inspect an evaporator coil is not your task as a homeowner. But then again, there are things you can do to avoid it from getting dirty. When dirt builds up in the coil and it’s not cleaned accordingly, then it breaks down eventually.

The best thing to go about it, of course, is to call the experts in AC coil cleaning Ypsilanti MI to remove all the dirt and build up. Make it a part of your routine home maintenance tasks. This is something that you can do annually. In between service calls though, here are some of the things that you can do in the meantime. Just remember that if notice anything awry with the system, then it’s safer for you to call the experts to get your system checked.

1. Change air filters.

Changing air filters is the simplest and the most effective thing that you should do as a homeowner to ensure that your air conditioning system is working optimally. Changing air filters will also give your air conditioner a longer lifespan. Changing air filters every two to three months is highly recommended.

However, make it more frequent if you have pets in your home, if there’s a smoker in your family, and if there are members who suffer from allergies or respiratory issues. If that’s the case, change the filters every month. When changing filters, it won’t hire to use a vacuum cleaner to remove dust, dirt, pet hair, and other debris near the vent.

2. Upgrade the filters.

Using high-quality AC air filters will eliminate more dust and dirt from the air entering the vents. It pays to know which filters are best for your AC system. Get filters that are a match to the rating of your air conditioner. If you install one with a higher rating, then your air conditioner will wear out faster than expected. You’ll find this particular info in the owner’s manual of your AC system. If you can’t find it, try to consult with a professional instead.

3. Schedule regular maintenance.

All air conditioning systems should be periodically maintained for safety and health reasons. Hire qualified HVAC techs to check your system against their 16-point checklist. Doing so will ensure you that no problems will occur later on and that your air conditioning system will work as efficiently and smoothly as desired.

Things like the vibration of your air conditioner and the alignment of parts should be regularly adjusted and checked as necessary. Doing regular maintenance allows you to save cash on repairs. Maintenance is easier than repair or replacement so it’s better to invest in it. On top of that, you’ll also save a lot of cash on your power bill.

These are the things that you must consider when you’re thinking of your air conditioning system. You must be always guided by a professional when you do all of these because they are the ones who know everything about these systems. With their help, you can be sure that your system will work perfectly well for a long time.

Why You Should Clean Your AC Coils

Dirt is the main foe of an air conditioner. Dirty evaporator coils can mean your entire system is working extra hard and wearing out. Remember that the air conditioner is among the significant systems in your home. Those AC coils have to be checked regularly so the entire system operates efficiently and work optimally for a very long time.

If you don’t realize it yet, your air conditioning system has a way of talking to you. Like other devices and complex systems in your home, your air conditioning unit will show signs that there’s something wrong with it. The job of evaporator coils is to absorb heat from your home. As warm air is drawn through the ducts, buildups may ensue. That’s how AC coils get dirty and eventually becomes damaged.

Issues Associated with Dirty AC Coils

If you suspect that your AC coils are dirty, then it is time to call the professionals to clean them. There are professionals who are experts in AC coil cleaning Dearborn MI and those are the service providers that can help you greatly with this issue.

1. Inefficient cooling

Is the air that’s coming out of the AC vents not cold enough? Your air conditioner will work even if there’s dirt buildup on its coils. However, it’s won’t work optimally. Dirt will block the air from circulating. The AC coils won’t be able to take in the warm air as much as it should. This is why your air conditioner doesn’t seem like working as good as before.

2. The air conditioner is constantly running.

Your air conditioner’s thermostat controls its temperature. It also switches the air conditioner on and off. However, if the AC coils are dirty, then problems with that operation occur. The air conditioner will simply continue to work or hours until it can no longer do its job and shuts down. The dirtier those coil becomes, the longer the cooling cycles get. If this occurs for so long, the lifespan of the air conditioner is decreased.

3. Freezing AC coils

A freezing AC coil could be your biggest problem yet. Once the coils start to freeze, condensation starts. Since the buildup of mud limits the quantity of heat it can carry, it can collect condensation on the coil. The moment that water turns into ice, the air conditioner will break down. That means you’ll have to pay for expensive repairs that would eventually cause discomfort for your family because you don’t have a working air conditioning system.

Caring for Your Air Conditioning System

Not a lot of individuals understand the important role that air conditioner coils play in your system. Usually, they only know about other parts like the outdoor unit, fan, vent, and thermostat. The AC coil is found inside the system’s inner unit, close to the blower fan. These coils play a critical role in the functionality of your system. These coils are made of still, copper, or aluminum as these are the metals that conduct heat well.

It is essential to call the right cleaning specialists to clean dirty AC coils because the unit has to be dismantled before you can get to them. HVAC experts can do such a task properly, effectively, and securely using their knowledge, expertise, and equipment.

Air Conditioner Replacement and Repairs Tips

Every homeowner faces the fact of calling an air conditioning repair technician soon. Sometimes, the problem with your air conditioner can be fixed by a simple repair. However, a replacement may also be necessary.

Air conditioning repair technicians can do anything from installation to maintenance and repair to replacement. You need to schedule an air conditioner home service to get the experts in air conditioner repair West Bloomfield MI in your home. It should be a simple and straightforward process, so you shouldn’t have to worry about anything.

Preparing for the AC Repairman’s Visit

So, how do you prepare for an air conditioning repair service call? Try to know more about the issue of the system and understand your options, such as making some repairs on it or getting it replaced entirely.

Try to understand what entails and air conditioner replacement or repair so you can make the right decision in the end. A problem with your air conditioning system can disrupt the comfort level of your home. When scheduling a service call, here are some of the things to do and expect.

1. Schedule the service call.

Maybe the greatest hurdle when planning an air conditioning repair or replacement job is scheduling it around your regular routines. Sometimes, it means that you have to take time off work just to accommodate the technicians. Be sure that you give yourself ample time to prepare for the visit.

2. Consider getting childcare.

Consider your children’s safety? Are you going to watch them too while the technicians repair or replace your air conditioner? You know how curious kids can get when there’s something like this happening around the house. You need to have a plan to hold them back so they won’t get in the way or get affected by the debris and dust. Some homeowners send their kids somewhere while the technicians are around. If that’s not possible for you, try to set up a play area for them in a comfortable yet secure part of your house. Make sure that your kids understand the right way to act and that they won’t go anywhere near the work area.

3. Secure your pets.

Aside from kids, your pets have to be handled well too. Pets can roam around the house and create problems while the technicians are working on your system. If you have a cat that you can’t put in a crate, then you have to come up a way where it won’t disrupt the repair. Ask the technician what parts of your home they need access to and keep your pets away from those areas. It is also a form of courtesy to tell the technicians to what kind of animals you have in your home in case they allergy and safety issues with them.

4. Clear the work area.

If you know what parts of your home technicians will work on, you’ll be able to prepare those areas beforehand. If you’ve just cleaned your carpet, you can line it with a plastic sheet to protect it. Try to move valuable antiques or heirlooms to another part of your home to protect them accordingly.

The Importance of Air Conditioning Tune-Up

Homeowners heavily rely on their air conditioning system to cool their home. Tuning up your air conditioning system is necessary to ensure your comfort all summer long. It should be added to your regular home maintenance tasks.

Tuning up the air conditioner is like tuning up your car. It will have to be inspected, cleaned, and adjusted by a technician. Be sure that you do this task periodically for best results. Here’s a quick overview of an air conditioning system tune-up:

1. Electrical component inspection

Air conditioning systems are composed of thousands of moving parts and electrical components. If you hire an air conditioner repair technician to get it inspected, then he will check its voltage, connections, lubrication, and faulty parts as needed.

2. Air conditioner cleaning

Cleaning certain parts of your air conditioner is necessary to make sure that they’re working optimally. The parts that are cleaned are the outdoor and indoor condenser coils and evaporators. Technicians have the necessary to tools and equipment to get this task done right.

3. Thermostat check

Checking the thermostat of your air conditioning system is yet another important task that a technician does. The thermostats control the functions of your air conditioning system. If the thermostat is not functioning correctly, then your AC unit won’t work at all.

4. Refrigerant level adjustment

The refrigerant of air conditioners is responsible for keeping the air emitted out of the system cold. The refrigerant gets depleted over time. The technician would have to check whether the refrigerant of your air conditioning system is still within acceptable levels.

5. Condensate drain inspection

Checking the condensate drain is also an important task that air conditioning repair technicians carry out. To ensure that it is done right, it is highly advised that you hire the experts in air conditioner repair Rochester Hills MI. These professionals are the people who are likely to produce the best possible results.

6. Air filter change

The air filters of an air conditioning system should be changed accordingly to improve indoor air quality. Ideally, filters should be changed every three months or so. The technicians would know what kind of filter your air conditioning system uses and would change it as necessary.

Why Is Air Conditioner Tune-Up Important?

An air conditioner tune-up ensures that your system works efficiently and effectively all year long. It will ensure that your family will be warm and comfortable during the hot summer days. If an air conditioner is tuned up properly, then it will work optimally and not extra hard. Air conditioners that are working extra hard tend to have a shorter lifespan.

Air conditioner tune-up is essential because it extends the life of your cooling system, which incidentally is among the priciest systems in your home. If your AC is maintained well, it can last for 15 years. Otherwise, its lifespan is only seven years. Air conditioning tune-ups also allows technicians to check for problems in the system, such as dirty coils and loose connections. These simple issues will eventually become big problems if not fixed immediately.